Takahashi Dental Clinic aims for world-class,
high-precision treatment

We aim to provide world-class dental care by using dental microscopes.


All of this is done to ensure
that our patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.

It is very important to create an environment where patients can receive treatment with peace of mind.
We have introduced a dental microscope to provide precise and careful treatment with an emphasis on preserving teeth while viewing every detail with a field of view of up to approximately 20 times
magnification. After the examination, patients can see the treatment process left on video for their own eyes, which also helps them to be convinced.

Obtaining sufficient data

No matter how skilled a dentist is in treatment, he or she cannot make the most of his or her skills if the diagnosis is not appropriate.
At our clinic, we collect sufficient data such as x-rays,
intraoral photographs, and dental models in order to make a more accurate diagnosis of the current state of the patient. This is an important step in proposing a treatment method that is suited to each individual patient.
By obtaining and visualizing data, we are able to pursue more precise treatment, and it is also easier for the patient to visualize the treatment, which reduces anxiety and makes treatment easier.

Easy-to-understand explanations using videos

In the past, a common method of explanation was to use a hand mirror and a dental mirror to show the affected area. However, this method is sometimes difficult to see clearly because of the darkness or the angle of the image. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to understand how the treatment was performed with only words or pictures.
At our clinic, we keep a video of the treatment process and show it on the monitor after the examination to explain the process.
This allows you to see with your own eyes and gain a deeper understanding of the details of the treatment and the condition of your mouth, which is difficult to convey in words alone, and leads to the provision of treatment that will give you peace of mind.

Introduction of Doctor


Thank you for visiting the Takahashi Dental Clinic website. My name is Keita Takahashi, Clinic Director.
Ever since I became a dentist, I have been conscious of the importance of health from the oral cavity. I would be happy to help you maintain a healthy oral cavity by aiming to preserve your teeth as much as possible. You can trust us with highly specialized periodontal treatment using microscopic dentistry, dental implants, and ceramic treatment. Of course, we also provide general treatment covered by insurance, so please feel free to consult with us.


Medical Treatment Information

  • 01

    Microscopic treatment

    Microscopic treatment is a treatment that uses a dental microscope to see the affected area 20 times larger than the naked eye in order to perform more precise treatment.

  • 02

    Precision Root Canal Treatment

    When a cavity progresses close to the nerve, a root canal is basically performed to protect the tooth. We use a dental microscope to perform precision root canal treatment to preserve the tooth.

  • 03

    Periodontal disease treatment

    One of the major characteristics of periodontal disease is that it progresses without any initial symptoms and often worsens by the time it is noticed. Before you lose your precious teeth, acquire the correct knowledge and engage in treatment and prevention.

  • 04

    Implant treatment

    When a tooth is lost for any reason, there is a possibility that it will adversely affect the alignment of the teeth and the bite if it is not treated. Implants can bring functionality and esthetics closer to natural teeth.

  • 05

    Ceramic treatment

    The color and shape of teeth can make a big difference in the impression of the mouth. In particular, the front teeth are directly related to the esthetic appearance of the mouth, so more and more patients are requesting ceramic treatment.

  • 06

    Cosmetic treatment

    Cosmetic dentistry offers treatments that focus on both esthetics and functionality. We also offer ceramic treatment using ceramic materials and whitening, which uses safe drugs to whiten teeth.

  • 07

    Preventive Dentistry

    In order to maintain your teeth for a long period of time, it is important to maintain your teeth at a dental clinic in addition to daily self-care. Regular visits to the clinic when your teeth are healthy will help prevent cavities and periodontal disease.

About clinic

Clinic name Takahashi Dental Clinic
Address 〒733-0021
4-2 Kamitenma-cho, Nishi Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Tel 082-293-1233
Consultation hours 9:00~12:30/14:00~19:00
*Saturday consultation hours are until 17:00.
[Closed days] Thursdays, Sundays, and holidays
  • 7 minute walk from Kannoncho (Hiroshima) Station
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